Ensure Your Business Is Compliant With Immigration Laws And I-9

Every employer, regardless of its size or industry, must ensure that its employees can legally work in the United States. The federal government requires employers to have each employee complete Form I-9, which will confirm an employee's identity and legal status. Both the employer and employee are responsible for completing a portion of the I-9 form. When employees or employers fail to complete these forms, it can result in an audit and fines.

Our firm can help companies take proactive measures to ensure compliance with immigration laws and avoid legal problems. With her vast knowledge of immigration law, attorney Cynthia Ceballos can develop a sound course of dynamic, strategic representation to employers' action. Ceballos Legal Consulting, LLC, is based in the New Orleans area, but we represent clients across the nation. In addition to developing compliance strategies, we represent businesses that face possible sanctions due to immigration violations.

Developing Powerful Strategies To Protect Our Employer Clients

With more than 13 years of legal experience, Cynthia Ceballos has helped employers at every stage of the I-9 compliance process in Louisiana and other parts of the country. Our law firm conducts annual self-audits for businesses that want to make certain their employees have the necessary documentation. Or, if your company faces a Notice of Inspection (NOI) from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), it is absolutely critical to have an experience immigration lawyer representing you immediately.

If your company faces an audit from ICE, our law firm will help you respond appropriately to the request. If your company does face fines, we will try to negotiate with the government to reduce these penalties.

Above all, our attorney put her business clients in a position to avoid these problems down the road. She is passionate about immigration law, and often leads training sessions with human resources employees on how to keep immigration records and maintain compliance. We recommend the use of E-Verify, a free government program that helps businesses determine an employee's eligibility to work in the United States. Every step we take is aimed at helping your company both now and in the future.

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