What You Need To Know About Political Asylum Applications

If you or family members are facing deportation or removal, a defense that may pertain in an immigration case is to apply for political asylum status.

Political asylum results when a person has a fear of returning to their home country because of persecution based on race, religion, nationality, political affiliation or membership in a social group. Our New Orleans area attorney's experience in deportation law can help determine whether this is viable for your case or if there are other immigration avenues for your family to pursue.

Our Immigration Law Experience Can Guide You Through Every Step Of The Process

In court, you must prove your fears are well-founded to obtain permission through political asylum to remain in the United States. At our New Orleans area firm, attorney Cynthia Ceballos can bring compassion and experience to your case, guiding you through what can be a complicated process.

There are two types of political asylum, affirmative and defensive. They differ based on whether your removal proceedings have begun, who hears your case and the nature of hearing.

  • Affirmative - If removal proceedings have not started, a lawyer can assist you in filing an affirmative political asylum application. These are best filed within a year of arriving to the United States. After the application is filed, you will be interviewed by an asylum officer, typically in a non-adversarial way. Our firm can help prepare you for this meeting, including providing interpretation if needed.
  • Defensive - Unlike in an affirmative application case, those filing a defensive application are in the process of being removed from the United States and need an experienced immigration attorney. A person in this situation faces an adversarial hearing in court in front of an immigration judge.

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